We will soon be publishing our 2018-19 Faith Formation programming.

We are excited to let you know that this year all you need to plan on is attending “Faith Formation” on Sundays at Fellowship Hall from 4-6 pm. Don’t worry about which class you’ll be attending. Don’t fret about whether or not there will be class for a certain family member. Our goal is to have classes/childcare available for ALL attendees. Just show up and we’ll do our best to help you better understand your faith and more importantly, develop a personal relationship with Christ.
This year our topic is the Sacraments. Each month we will be digging deeper into one of the 7 Sacraments. Whether you attend one, some, or all of the weeks’ classes, you will be learning about the same Sacrament for the entire month. Each week we will investigate it from a different perspective. Through age &/or family-structure groupings, direct instruction, guest speakers, groups discussion, videos, handouts, and interactive lessons, we will teach you what you need and want to know, as well as provide support to help you share your learning with your family.