We are now into the season and have ironed out all the bumps. Thanks for your patience and understanding. For those physically unable to come in/choosing to distance yourself/etc., please use our drive-thru service (Your meal will be packed at that time to ensure freshness. You will receive green beans, mac & cheese, french fries, 2 pieces of baked fish, and 2 pieces of fried fish, along with coleslaw, applesauce, chocolate pudding, tartar sauce, a dinner roll and butter, ketchup packets, and a pre-packaged silverware kit.) If you would like to customize your meal (request all fried vs. the 2 baked/2 fried, get no green beans, etc.) please come in to do a to-go meal. We would be happy to take your request. All meals are $10 each/$11 if you use a credit card. Thank you for your support!

Fish Fry Flyer 2021