Year 4: Christian Prayer

November: 10/18/2020 In-person class video

November: 10/18/2020 Powerpoint A_Family_of_Faith_V4_November

September/October: 9/27/2020 In-person class video

October: 9/27/2020 Powerpoint A_Family_of_Faith_V4_October.pptx 

September/October: 9/20/2020 In-person class video (part 1)

9/20/2020 In-person class video (part 2)

9/20/2020 Powerpoint A_Family_of_Faith_V4_September edited

Year 3: Life in Christ

April: Narrated Powerpoint/Lesson

How to be a Good Disciple of Jesus

The Common Good

March: Social Teaching

An Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

Who Can Save Us?–Bj8E&

February: The 5th Commandment

The 6th Commandment

The 7th Commandment

The 8th Commandment

The 9th Commandment

The 10th Commandment

January:  The 1st Commandment

The 2nd Commandment

The 3rd Commandment

The 4th Commandment